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New Year's Resolutions for 2016!

2016! How did I get so old?? Geez. :p I vividly remember the year 2000 and everyone being scared of the millenium bug. (OK, I don't remember it THAT vividly, but anyway.)

Since I liked my list of new year's resolutions of last year - it's a much more workable system than untangible stuff like 'lose weight' or 'start working out' - I decided to make a new list! Here are the things I want to do in 2016:

General stuff
- Get an actual paid job (working on it!)
- Start and maintain a blog (also working on it!)
- Do more hiking. I want to be able to walk at least 15 kms a day. I got a book on pilgrimage sites in the Netherlands, which should be interesting (I find walking easier when I have a goal instead of just wandering).
- Read at least 52 books this year (my Goodreads challenge)
- Read a book in French and try and write a little in French
- Practice playing my tin whistle more
- Visit Ireland in the spring, Assisi (italy) in the fall (around my birthday, October 4), and maybe Bath in the summer if it works out financially and time-wise.

Sewing & embroidery
- Sew a corset
- Sew a quilt
- Sew a pair of pants
- Toss out most of my old skirts (they don't fit anymore anyway) and replace them with skirts I made myself
- Embroider a Harry Potter bookmark
- Embroider a larger piece than a bookmark. :p

- Most of the stuff I didn't do last year, particularly Galadriel, Nennir and Celestarium.
- Finish Rogue
- Strokkur for when I go to Iceland
- A Sky Scarf for 2016 (to replace my Ravenclaw scarf, and I like the concept)
- A Dragon Wing Cowl
- Celtic Myths shawl (the site is in German but it has a picture)
- Song of the Sea cowl
- October Leaves fingerless mitts
- Actually finish a crochet project!

Drawing & other papery art
- Continue plein air drawing (perhaps combined with hiking)
- Practice calligraphy more
- Try out illuminating something
- Try and make a book (again)

Lots of stuff to do, let's start doing them!

Last year's resolutions
So earlier this year I made a list of 'new year's resolutions', or things I wanted to accomplish this year.  Let's see how well that worked out.

- go walking/hiking (I got hiking boots in October, time to really break them in)
I did! Walked a lot in Ireland. Still want to do more though - hopefully next year. (I got Hiking Plans, in fact.)

- read a book in French
I read several short stories, does that count?

- read at least 50 books (my Goodreads challenge) (related: buy an ereader!)
I *did* buy an eReader and it's been such a great asset. So easy to take with me on holiday, for one thing. I'm liking it much more than I thought I would.
According to Goodreads I read 66 books this year, but I actually read more since I read some books that aren't on Goodreads, too.

- take up yoga classes (unless I'm continuing French lessons, what with finances and all)
Didn't take up yoga since I continued French classes. Plus I got a job so even if it would work out financially, I wouldn't manage it physically - too busy.

- visit Ireland (in the spring) and Florence (autumn)
Check and check! I went to Ireland in the summer, in fact (when I made that list I didn't know I would be working in education later that year so I'd have to stick to school holidays), and I visited Florence in October. Still need to do a post on that, oops.

Sewing & Embroidery
- finish my Eowyn costume
- finish the cotton skirt
- make a quilt
- make a pair of pants (it's been a while)
- embroider a TARDIS bookmark and a Harry Potter bookmark

Erm... I made the TARDIS bookmark... and that's about it... Although I did make several skirts. But not the cotton one. :p

- Galadriel socks (been working on them for three years now...)

Still working on them... :p

- Equatorial Nights (it's a knitted star map of all the constellations 'round the equator!)
Finished this! Looks great and I got loads of compliments on it.

- Celestarium (knitted star map of the northern hemisphere)
- Hooded scarf
- Nennir

Still need to do these three. I did get yarn for Nennir in Ireland, beautiful stormy green yarn.

- Horse hat (in dark blue with white with a silver thread, and snowflakes instead of the curly things)
Started it, haven't finished it yet.

- at least one sweater (Rogue, maybe Tracery too)
Working on Rogue - I only have to do the sleeves! It's looking awesome so far.

- October is for Spinners (been working on this for five years or something...)
- Endpaper mitts

Didn't do either... I started the Endpaper mitts but it didn't work out as well as I hoped, so didn't finish.

- Maeva socks
- Wonderland socks (not my pic) (I've almost finished the first sock, knit it in about a week, and now it's been laying a round since... May or something. Oops.)

Finished both! The Meava socks in particular look great.

- learn how to crochet
Yup! Now to actually follow through and finish a project...

Drawing & other papery arts
- experiment with the trois crayon technique
- experiment with calligraphy
- experiment with plein air sketching/drawing/painting

Did all three, but need to do it more, honestly. I should stop being distracted by other things. :p

- try and make a book (as in, the actual tangible object)
- start art journalling

Didn't do this - not enough time or energy for it. Maybe next year? Who knows!

All in all not too bad, really. :) Did most of what I wanted to do. I actually like this way of doing new year's resolutions. Time to make a list for next year!

Answer for question 4564.
What was your last dream about? Do you tend to dream in black and white or in color? Was there a particular symbol, person, or object in it that you remember that seemed to have special significance? What do you think its presence in the dream might mean?
I actually had the weirdest dream the other day. I was knitting a lace sock which incorporated other stuff - either leaves or bones, can't remember right now. But it wasn't going like I wanted (gee could that have something to do with the fact that I was trying to KNIT WITH BONES?!). So I had to unravel the sock. I distinctly remember dream-me diligently puzzling out how to unravel a lace sock so that the pattern wouldn't be ruined...
OBVIOUSLY I knit way too much!

I actually can't remember ever not dreaming in color? The significance is either that I knit too much or that I should get a move on with the lace sock that's been on the needles for the past, erm, three years. :p

Ireland part 7
The last part.

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Ireland recap - finally
Weeelll this took a little longer than I had expected. I visited Ireland back in July, but didn't get around to typing up my journal until just now. It... was a little long. I'd brought a Moleskine sketchbook along, hoping I'd get a decent amount written. I ended up filling it completely, in fact I even had to add pages!
Then again, it was a two-week trip. :D

I divided the whole thing into pieces because it's kind of humongous. There are also loads of pictures, although not all the photos - I took about 630... What can I say, Ireland is a pretty country!
Enjoy. :)

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