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Answer for question 4418.
If you were exiled, what country would you choose as your new home?
Probably Italy! Warm, cultured, and I love Italian food. And I like how dramatic Italian sounds when spoken by a true Italian, haha.

Sketch Crawl
Last weekend was Pentecost. I normally don't really do anything with that day, but this year the Dominicanenklooster (Wikipedia page in Dutch) here in Zwolle hosted the "Feest van de Geest" (Feast of the Spirit), which combined art/culture with church and other religious building. They had live music and an art exhibition in the cellars, plus free tours of the church and monastery! That in itself wasn't that interesting to me (I'd had a tour before) but they also had... a sketchcrawl. A sketchcrawl is when a group of people come together to draw outside (or inside when the weather's bad :p). A friend of mine had Liked the event on Facebook, alerting me to it, too. The combination of drawing and the amazing gothic architecture of the church and monastery was too tempting to resist. I invited my friend Arwen to come along, too (she's a church-building nut, too) and so off we went!

(Fun detail: the friend who had alerted me to the event in the first place was a former colleague of mine, and I later found out that the sketchcrawl was being organised by a current colleague of mine! And while I sat there drawing I also encountered another former ánd current colleague. My city is sometimes absurdly small.)

The weather was AMAZING, so sunny. We were sitting in the main courtyard, surrounded by the quiet cloisters of the monastery. The peace and quiet was only disturbed by some story teller who at one point took place behind us. But at least that way we got a free story while we were drawing, I guess. :p
(Pic was taken on a cameraphone so the quality isn't that great.)

The result of my efforts! It's this bit, in the corner of the cloisters. Drawn on watercolour paper with pencil, ink and Derwent inktense pencils.

Overall it was a really fun day, and the atmosphere in the garden was lovely, so peaceful and serene. The church and monastery is pretty close to the city centre, but when you're in that garden you really have no idea there's a busy shopping street running right past it.
Plus I really liked the plein air drawing (which was on my list of new year's resolutions :p) so I definitely want to do it more often!
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I made a thing!
A thing to make other things!Collapse )
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New Year's Resolutions
I'm back! This time after less of an hiatus, yay? Ahem. Anyhow, new year!

The skirt is still unfinished. Boo. But since it's cotton, it's more of a summer skirt anyway, or at least that's what I'm telling myself, so I have a few months' leeway. In the meantime I've been knitting and drawing a lot - and I've made a list of new year's resolutions. They're not stop smoking/lose weight/start working out type of resolutions, but more, like, plans for stuff I want to do in 2015. Both creatively and.... normally.
I thought I might post it here to sort of hold myself accountable, and so I can tally up at the end of the year what I managed to accomplish and what I didn't. So here it is. :p

Things I want to do in 2015
- go walking/hiking (I got hiking boots in October, time to really break them in)
- read a book in French
- read at least 50 books (my Goodreads challenge) (related: buy an ereader!)
- take up yoga classes (unless I'm continuing French lessons, what with finances and all)
- visit Ireland (in the spring) and Florence (autumn)

Sewing & Embroidery
- finish my Eowyn costume
- finish the cotton skirt
- make a quilt
- make a pair of pants (it's been a while)
- embroider a TARDIS bookmark and a Harry Potter bookmark

- Galadriel socks (been working on them for three years now...)
- Equatorial Nights (it's a knitted star map of all the constellations 'round the equator!)
- Celestarium (knitted star map of the northern hemisphere)
- Hooded scarf
- Nennir
- Horse hat (in dark blue with white with a silver thread, and snowflakes instead of the curly things)
- at least one sweater (Rogue, maybe Tracery too)
- October is for Spinners (been working on this for five years or something...)
- Endpaper mitts
- Maeva socks
- Wonderland socks (not my pic) (I've almost finished the first sock, knit it in about a week, and now it's been laying a round since... May or something. Oops.)
- learn how to crochet

Drawing & other papery arts
- experiment with the trois crayon technique
- experiment with calligraphy
- experiment with plein air sketching/drawing/painting
- try and make a book (as in, the actual tangible object)
- start art journalling

... that's a bit more of a list than I thought it was going to be. O_O Well. At least I won't *have* to do it all. :p 

For God's sake
It's like my subconscious doesn't want me to make a skirt of this fabric or something.

Yeah, that's a good two inches in length difference. Ugggh. Thank God I always cut some extra length to the bottom of skirts (and pants, but I rarely make those). This is shaping up to be a very... creative project.

At least my patch pockets look nice.

As does the trial run for the embroidery for Eowyn's starry mantle. :) (Did it on one of the million scraps from the skirt.)

Although I do need to practice some more, to get all the stitches closer together. Still, not bad for a first try!
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Sew sew
So, a sewing update. No Eowyn, sadly - it's surprisingly hard to find good fabric! Sigh. (Admittedly, I'm picky, too.) So instead, I sewed a skirt.

At least, I tried to.

Cut...ting fabricCollapse )

So much for fabric shopping in Amsterdam... I found a ton of beautiful fabric, but nothing I could use for Eowyn! Am going to check the fabrics stores here, and else I'll have to wait until September, when there's a large fabric market where I live.
This is annoying. :p

Elf Fantasy Paraplu

Oh right, I still had an lj…
Not going to do a catch-up for the last two years since that’ll take way too long. :p So just welcome back, me, I guess, and let’s pretend I never went away. Or something.


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Writer's Block: The Hunger Games
What book from your childhood would you like to see made into a movie?
The Ordinary Princess, by (I think) Susan M Kaye. Loved that book as a child, rediscovered it as an adult and I still really like it. :)

Writer's Block: Winter vacation
Finishing this knitting project I'm working on. :p

(Hey, it's an accomplishment!)

ETA: what on earth, now the QUESTION doesn't show up?? The question was: "Share one thing you'd like to accomplish before the end of the year."


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