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It's that time of the year again...

Ho-ho-ho, merry Christmas!! 

*is not a jolly fat old man so her impression is a little... off*

Happy 2010 years ago, more or less, approximately, I guess, add or substract a few years and/or months, that Jesus was born. ^^ I spend today watching Inception and How To Train Your Dragon (conclusion: not the best set for a double feature, as it makes HTTYD seem rather... lacking) and a bit of Enchanted, and giving my cat WAY more attention than he ever wanted. Poor thing spend quite a lot of time in the back of the tv cupboard, away from us. Aww...

I should post more, honestly. I might do a long post on Tangled, if I remember all my thoughts on it, as it's been kind of on my mind a lot the past few days, ever since I saw it on Wednesday. :) 
Having the soundtrack pretty much on repeat probably doesn't help. XD

Anyway, happy holidays!
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I think your thoughts about it have faded ;)

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