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That's not boring, that's great! <3 Moleskin.

I just bought groceries. :p Pasta, olive oil, a chocolate letter S (why can't I ever find the L in hazelnut milk chocolate??), cereal, pepernoten... :p

And I bought a TON of books at the Bookfair (Boekenfestijn) yesterday: a complete set of LotR ánd the Hobbit, a book on the designing and crafting of the weapons and gear in the LotR movies, a book on making the Master & Commander movies, and a National Geographic book Inside The Vatican, with beautiful pictures.
So I'll have enough to do for a while. :p

Ha yes! I was there with my Mom yesterday morning :) Bought a book about the art of Labyrinth (text by Terry Jones!) by Brian Froud (I already have the art of the Dark Crystal by him, it's magical), some fiction books (Kate Mosse, the Raw Shark Texts, Battle Royale), a non-fiction book about a group of giraffes in a zoo in Czechoslovakia who are killed in mysterious circumstances, and a little thing about the national psyche of the Dutch. I love the Boekfestijn :)

Ha, seriously? I was there yesterday morning too. :p I nearly got the Labyrinth book but decided against it as I already have farrr too many art books.

The Boekenfestijn is great if you have slightly off-centre interests. So many nerdy books for such low prices!

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