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Ireland part 6
Blown about on Inishmore, and back to DublinCollapse )
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Ireland part 5
Exploring Galway and off to InishmoreCollapse )
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Ireland part 4
Holy picspam Batman.
Connemara and the Cliffs of MoherCollapse )
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Ireland part 3
To Goal and to GalwayCollapse )
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Ireland part 2
More adventures.

Museums & NewgrangeCollapse )
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Ireland recap - finally
Weeelll this took a little longer than I had expected. I visited Ireland back in July, but didn't get around to typing up my journal until just now. It... was a little long. I'd brought a Moleskine sketchbook along, hoping I'd get a decent amount written. I ended up filling it completely, in fact I even had to add pages!
Then again, it was a two-week trip. :D

I divided the whole thing into pieces because it's kind of humongous. There are also loads of pictures, although not all the photos - I took about 630... What can I say, Ireland is a pretty country!
Enjoy. :)

Exploring DublinCollapse )
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Answer for question 4418.
If you were exiled, what country would you choose as your new home?
Probably Italy! Warm, cultured, and I love Italian food. And I like how dramatic Italian sounds when spoken by a true Italian, haha.

I made a thing!
A thing to make other things!Collapse )
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New Year's Resolutions
I'm back! This time after less of an hiatus, yay? Ahem. Anyhow, new year!

The skirt is still unfinished. Boo. But since it's cotton, it's more of a summer skirt anyway, or at least that's what I'm telling myself, so I have a few months' leeway. In the meantime I've been knitting and drawing a lot - and I've made a list of new year's resolutions. They're not stop smoking/lose weight/start working out type of resolutions, but more, like, plans for stuff I want to do in 2015. Both creatively and.... normally.
I thought I might post it here to sort of hold myself accountable, and so I can tally up at the end of the year what I managed to accomplish and what I didn't. So here it is. :p

Things I want to do in 2015
- go walking/hiking (I got hiking boots in October, time to really break them in)
- read a book in French
- read at least 50 books (my Goodreads challenge) (related: buy an ereader!)
- take up yoga classes (unless I'm continuing French lessons, what with finances and all)
- visit Ireland (in the spring) and Florence (autumn)

Sewing & Embroidery
- finish my Eowyn costume
- finish the cotton skirt
- make a quilt
- make a pair of pants (it's been a while)
- embroider a TARDIS bookmark and a Harry Potter bookmark

- Galadriel socks (been working on them for three years now...)
- Equatorial Nights (it's a knitted star map of all the constellations 'round the equator!)
- Celestarium (knitted star map of the northern hemisphere)
- Hooded scarf
- Nennir
- Horse hat (in dark blue with white with a silver thread, and snowflakes instead of the curly things)
- at least one sweater (Rogue, maybe Tracery too)
- October is for Spinners (been working on this for five years or something...)
- Endpaper mitts
- Maeva socks
- Wonderland socks (not my pic) (I've almost finished the first sock, knit it in about a week, and now it's been laying a round since... May or something. Oops.)
- learn how to crochet

Drawing & other papery arts
- experiment with the trois crayon technique
- experiment with calligraphy
- experiment with plein air sketching/drawing/painting
- try and make a book (as in, the actual tangible object)
- start art journalling

... that's a bit more of a list than I thought it was going to be. O_O Well. At least I won't *have* to do it all. :p 

For God's sake
It's like my subconscious doesn't want me to make a skirt of this fabric or something.

Yeah, that's a good two inches in length difference. Ugggh. Thank God I always cut some extra length to the bottom of skirts (and pants, but I rarely make those). This is shaping up to be a very... creative project.

At least my patch pockets look nice.

As does the trial run for the embroidery for Eowyn's starry mantle. :) (Did it on one of the million scraps from the skirt.)

Although I do need to practice some more, to get all the stitches closer together. Still, not bad for a first try!
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