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Dorian picspam!
It's been a while since I posted anything substantial, so let's make up for that with a Dorian picspam. :) He's grown so much since I last posted, and he's now almost a fully grown cat (still cute, although not as unbearably cute as he used to be).

Here's how he was when he first arrived.

In the hands of my roommate Kim.

and the next morning.

He was ill when he arrived - had diarrhea. He only just got over that when he managed to get a cold (just after getting his first shots, too, so I'm kind of suspecting the shots were the final trigger he needed). He was pathetic at first - sneezing occassionally - but quickly got rather scarily sick, particularly when his eyes started excreting this... stuff which caked his eyelids together. Resulting in me waking up to this:

Oh gosh...

So several trips to the vet later, I got antibiotics against the cold and some kind of salve for his eyes, which were of course A LOT OF FUN FOR BOTH OF US to administer. He didn't particularly mind the salve at first, as it enabled him to open his eyes again. But the antibiotics he hated. It was this liquid which had apparently been flavoured to taste nice, but it smelled like oranges and I wouldn't be surprised if it tasted like it, too. And I can't imagine cats liking oranges much.

Two weeks later, he was, thankfully, completely over his cold!

So he could finally start GROWING! Thank God, as he's tiny (still is). At his first visit, the vet couldn't believe he was already four months old: he had the size of a two-month old.
I very much looked forward to Dorian growing bigger, too, as his preferred method of getting on my lap was to climb up my legs using his nails! Thankfully, a few weeks later he was able to jump. :)

And now he likes to lie on my bed...

Particularly on my pillow...

Or with me when I'm watching a movie on my laptop...

Or on the floor...

Hide from scary people....

(Under the curtain)

Stare at me when I'm lying in bed...

(Christmasmorning 2010)

Preferably from the foot end of my bed...

Or from my bedside table... (And he also likes to climb the laundry racks in the background)

Which, by the way, has a fascinating lamp.

He also likes to sit on the table, watching me work on my laptop.

But he most likes to sit and look out the window...

From the windowsill...

Or from his basket on the stereo.

Although he doesn't much like going outside himself, but maybe that's to do with the way I take him out for a walk:

(I took him out on our first day of snow. Poor thing was in turn terrified, fascinated and TERRIFIED. XD Particularly when I put him down on the snow-covered ground. Ick ick ick cold and wet stuff!!)
The leash isn't striclty necessary for when he escapes (he's been chipped and neutered) but I'm training him to be an indoor cat so I don't want him to get used to unlimited freedom

Oh, and he also absolutely LOVES making a mess of my room! Observe what I found when I dragged the couch from the wall while cleaning up:

Pieces of paper, Smarties boxes and some toys, all things Dorian used to play with. He'd swat them under the couch, then he wouldn't be able to reach them since he doesn't fit under the couch (anymore...) and so he'd look for something new to play with. Which he'd then swat under the couch, etcetera etcetera.

Apart from playing with bits of paper, he also had a phase where he'd fish some of his own droppings out of the litter box and play with that. He still likes to splash water from his water bowl on the floor (so half the water ends up on the floor and then he'd start whining that he's thirsty)
 so I got him a smaller bowl so at least there wouldn't be SO MUCH water on the floor.
And he has this crazy fascination with my bare feet. Every night when I prepare for bed, I kind of have to run a gauntlet to my bed because Dorian would lie in waiting, crouched, prepared to pounce... He doesn't DO anything, just taps my feet and then runs away, scared, but it's annoying. :p

But all in all we're very happy. ^^

A youtube clip of Dorian playing with a new toy!

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OMG He reminds me so much of Max! Also with the foot chasing thing (although Max does try to bite them...) and the insistence on staying close by when I'm on the laptop! I wonder if that, as well as how he will walk across the room then drop on the spot and lie stretched out on the floor like Dorian does there, is something particular to male cats. I've never known our lady cat to do any of those things.

This is one hella contented cat (^.^)

Yep, Dorian definitely does the "walkwalkwalkdrop" thing. So weird. And yeah, my parents's female cat never did that either.
I've also had the pleasure to see Dorian's penis. Not something I particularly wanted to see. XD Stupid thing has no shame. :p

Yeah, he has the ^^ expression down pat there. <3

Hmmm for some reason only half the post can be seen. I tried reloading but still same.

That's weird, it works for me...

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