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2016 overview
Yes, I am still alive! 2016 wasn't THAT weird. But geez, it's been a bizarre year.

Let's see how my resolutions of last year worked out.

General stuff
- Get an actual paid job (working on it!) Done! Although now I'm looking for a new job because I don't like this one all that much...
- Start and maintain a blog (also working on it!) Nope, still working on it.
- Do more hiking. I want to be able to walk at least 15 kms a day. I got a book on pilgrimage sites in the Netherlands, which should be interesting (I find walking easier when I have a goal instead of just wandering). Nope. I wanted to, but then the weather was crap all spring ánd in early summer I fell down the stairs and sprained my foot so I couldn't walk very well for a few weeks, effectively cutting out half of the available walking time. And by the end of it, I didn't feel like it anymore. I still walked a lot on my trips, though.
- Read at least 52 books this year (my Goodreads challenge) Read 64!
- Read a book in French and try and write a little in French. Not really. I did start training my French with Duolingo, too, and attended a meeting run by my French classes organisation where you're supposed to talk only French.
- Practice playing my tin whistle more Did it but I can always use more practice.
- Visit Ireland in the spring, Assisi (italy) in the fall (around my birthday, October 4), and maybe Bath in the summer if it works out financially and time-wise.I have no idea why that says Ireland because I meant ICELAND. I visited Ireland in 2015. I didn't end up visiting Iceland in the spring for money reasons, but I did go with my brother for 8 days in August! We visited a hot spring, saw the largest watervall in Europe and we went whale watching!
I also went to Rome and Assisi in September/Early October and celebrated my birthday in Assisi, which was a lot of fun. I do love Italy. And I never got around to going to Bath, haha.

Sewing & embroidery
- Sew a corset
- Sew a quilt
- Sew a pair of pants
- Toss out most of my old skirts (they don't fit anymore anyway) and replace them with skirts I made myself
- Embroider a Harry Potter bookmark
- Embroider a larger piece than a bookmark. :p
I didn't do anything of this! I did sew a dress and got halfway through a second dress when the sewing machine broke down. It's at my parents' house, I'm not even sure if it's fixed yet. But I'm thinking of getting my own sewing machine; the one I had been using is shared by my mom and me but that's actually a bit of an unwieldy construction, I think it'd be easier if I have my own machine.
And I got a build-a-corset kit for my birthday so that's definitely back on the to-do list!

- Most of the stuff I didn't do last year, particularly Galadriel, Nennir and Celestarium. Did none of these things!
- Finish Rogue Finished this one! It's a little shorter than I'd like but it's delightfully warm.
- Strokkur for when I go to Iceland Also this one! Kept me nice and warm.
- A Sky Scarf for 2016 (to replace my Ravenclaw scarf, and I like the concept) I started it and I did track the weather every day but knitting-wise I'm still stuck in March. I have half a mind to ritually burn the thing after the year 2016's been, too. :p
- A Dragon Wing Cowl
- Celtic Myths shawl (the site is in German but it has a picture)
- Song of the Sea cowl
- October Leaves fingerless mitts
- Actually finish a crochet project!
Did none of the above. I did knit a few other things but overall I've been too busy and tired with work and other stuff. :(

Drawing & other papery art
- Continue plein air drawing (perhaps combined with hiking) Did this! I attended my local Sketch Crawl group a few times, and I drew when I was in Assisi. Got a fair bit of attention, too, haha.
- Practice calligraphy more Well, I did more than in 2015..?
- Try out illuminating something
- Try and make a book (again)
Did neither of these things.

Hmm not the most inspiring score I guess... Let's see how my list for 2017 shakes out.
Also I might move this journal to Dreamwith or finally actully start a blog!
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