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Land of the Mad Lupin Lovers

Ramblings from a geek

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Christmas meme!
Totally stole this from author_by_night :p

Although I'm fudging it a bit here and there since I'm Dutch and we don't do Santa, we do Sinterklaas, who is the OG Santa!

1) Favourite Christmas movie
The Muppet Christmas Carol. :D I also usually end up watching either Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter - they're usually on tv here, along with the Romy Schneider Sisi trilogy, and the Sound of Music.

2) 2012 Christmas wish list
Sinterklaas wish list, then. Uhmmmm.... I have literally no idea. Books, no doubt. Toys for my cat. Haha 2012 was the year I had my oral surgery, three weeks before Sinterklaas, so I wasn't even able to eat much. So much for all that Sinterklaas candy!
I just looked up my 2012 poem (we write Sinterklaas poems here). Apparently I had to give my younger brother a present; I gave him season 1 of Homeland. I genuinely don't remember what I got!

3) When did I realise Santa/Sinterklaas wasn't real
Can't remember! I guess I figured it out gradually. It certainly wasn't a traumatic experience, or else I would have remembered, haha.

4) Favorite Christmas song
I really like Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. Not sure why. Maybe because it's a little whistful, a little sad. And it's fun to sing along to!

5) Best gift I ever received
Ermmmm.... I once got a mix cd with werewolf-themed songs...
This year I got a ukelele songbook (I'm teaching myself how to play) and a 'Japanese for dummies' book. :D That was pretty neat.

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Are Ukuleles big right now? You're my third friend who is learning to play it. :P Now I want to give it a go...

Haha I guess? It's quite an easy instrument to pick up though. They're not all that expensive (I got a cheap-o beginner model for 30 euros) and there are a ton of tutorials on YouTube!

Omg Sisi Trilogy is one of my to go Christmas movies too!!!

For christmas all I want are amazon gift cards... so that I can buy what I need when I need it and its Christmas all year long LOL

It's such cheesy schlock and the history is all wrong and the costumes are VERY much "1850s by way of the 1950s"... but by now it's a Christmas tradition! Christmas is just not Christmas without Romy Schneider being lovely and charming and 'rebellious' (by now I've started to side with Sophie in that Sisi really *was* the wrong choice, politically and personality-wise. Ah well).

Haha gift cards are a good gift for that, yes!

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