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Land of the Mad Lupin Lovers

Ramblings from a geek

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Christmas Meme part 3
And onwards!

14. Real or artificial tree?
I got a fake one, 40cms high. I have a tiny apartment and a cat, a large tree wouldn't be a smart idea. :p Plus a real tree gives such a mess with the needles and everything.

15. The best gift I've given
Uhhhhmmm. A few years ago I gave my brother a hat I knit him, then I knit an identical one for myself (ok, the colours were different) and just now my dad mentioned he wanted a similar hat for himself, so I guess that gift was pretty succesful!

16. Hardest person to buy for?
My dad. He rarely seems to know what he wants, he already has everything he needs, he has no real hobbies he is really into, and to add insult to injury his birthday is in early January so when you've finally figured out what to give him for Sinterklaas, a month later you have to do it all over again for his birthday. Sigh. At least now he mentioned wanting that hat!

17. Post a picture of an old christmas card.

First hit on Google for "old christmas card" haha.

18. When do you open gifts?
For Sinterklaas, in the evening. We usually start at 7:30PM after having dinner together.

19. Favourite stocking stuffer?
Shoe stuffer for Sinterklaas as kids put out their shoes in the hope of gifts! My favourite are chocolate coins. Or maybe a small Playmobil box.

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Dads are always so hard... mine is the same... he has everything because he buys stuff himself

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