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Land of the Mad Lupin Lovers

Ramblings from a geek

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End of year fandom meme
Stolen from author_by_night :p
Your Main Fandom of the Year?
Harry Potter, always and forever. :p I did a full reread of the entire series, and I was going to do a rewatch of the movies but that sort of... petered out. (I'm at PoA and I guess I'm subconsciously avoiding Moustache!Remus.)</div>Your Favourite Film Watched This Year?
Uhmm.... Good question! I really liked Coco. The Last Jedi was impressie, as was Wonder Woman. I really enjoyed Get Out, Moonlight and Hidden Figures... I saw too many movies. :p</div>Your Favourite Book Read this Year?
Probably The Alice Network, by Kate Quinn, one of my favourite authors. And the HP books, particularly PoA. It's like sinking into a warm bath.</div>Your Favourite Album or Song to Listen to This Year?
Either Hamilton or the The Young Pope soundtrack.</div>
Your Favourite TV Show of the Year?
The Young Pope was BIZARRE and fascinating, and said some really interesting things about religion and the Roman Catholic church. Plus some STUNNING shots of Rome and the Vatican.

I also really enjoyed season 3 of The Leftovers, another bizarre but fascinating and deep tv show. The final episode was... wow.</div>Your Favourite Online Fandom Community of the Year?
I have been really enjoying the Jane the Virgin fandom. They're all so... nice. :) There are shipwars but they're more pleasant than those in big fandoms. Although I guess that's not hard. :p

Best New Fandom Discovery of the Year?
I'm... not entirely sure what they're asking here? I didn't discover any real new fandoms, at any rate.</div>Your Biggest Fandom Disappointment of the Year?
The reaction to The Last Jedi, which seems to be taking blue/gold dress levels of disagreement. I don't mind people thinking the movie wasn't great (I mean, it was over long, some of the gags were on the edge of cringy) but some people are SO BUTTHURT about it! God.
I saw someone on Twitter point out that the downside of all those "examination/trope discussion" youtube videos is that people seem to have sunk into a sort of mindset that you have to pick everything apart and judge it on its parts rather than the sum of those parts. Star Wars is of itself very much a series of tropes, but it's HOW it deals with those tropes that gets interesting. But if you keep judging for using a trope ("omg Rey is Naturally Good At Something, she must be a Mary Sue!!") rather than how the story uses or twists a trope to tell a story ("Luke was hailed as the Chosen One, how does such a status/reputation work out 30 or 40 years later?"), you get really lame stories. And as TVTropes puts it: Tropes Are Not Bad.
(What really gets my goat about this whole "omg they ruined Luke" thing is that Avatar: The Last Airbender did exactly the same thing with Aang in Legend of Korra, but there was way less whining about it then. Even that horrible The Cursed Child brought down the famous hero of the first series! Come on, like Luke was immune. The kid was whiny in his first ten minutes of screentime!)

Oh, and the fact that Johnny Depp is still Grindelwald.

Your TV Boyfriend of the Year?
Um. I guess anyone from The Young Pope is inelligible because of being a priest? :p I'm going with Michael from Jane the Virgin, even though he left the show last season.</div>Your TV Girlfriend of the Year?
I really liked Nora fom The Leftovers, although I'd mostly want to give her a hug and buy her a coffee, haha.</div>
Biggest Squee Moment of the Year?
The Last Jedi had some GORGEOUS cinematography. I saw it twice already and am seriously considering seeing it a third time just so I can see some of those shots on the big screen again. Absolutely stunning.</div>The Most Missed of your Old Fandoms?
Just... peaceful, respectful discussion?</div>Your Biggest Fan Anticipation of the New Year?</div>Erm. Dunno? I might be seeing Hamilton in London, that's gonna be a squee moment. :p</div>

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Everyone's saying they miss peaceful discussion. It's kind of sad what a lost art they've become! Don't get me wrong, we always had drama (MsScribe comes to mind, and the millions of shipwars), but still, it's a different kind of drama nowadays.

Oh right, I was rewatching the movies too. :P I might try recapping one of the books. Or actually writing my counter-fic to Cursed Child. That was the one thing that made me recant my earlier "I'm a canon person, canon rules ALL" stance.

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