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Land of the Mad Lupin Lovers

Ramblings from a geek

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2017 overview
Wellllll it's been a year, hasn't it? Pfff.
Let's see how many of my resolutions I kept.

General stuff
- Find a new job as my current one is... not a good fit for me Sort of? I switched departments, from HR to Servicedesk, and my new colleagues are a lot more fun.
- Start and maintain a blog (for real this time) Hahaha nope... I didn't even manage to properly keep up with this LJ. D:
- Improve my French enough to read a book and comfortably hold a conversation Sort of did this! I had a few conversations in Paris and Chartres, and I bought two books (so yeah they were French translations of P&P and PoA, what of it? :p)
- Improve my Italian enough to read a (children's) book and attempt a conversation I think I can have a basic conversation now, not entirely sure I would be able to read a book, haven't tried it yet. I did manage to follow quite a bit of the Italian-spoken parts of The Young Pope, that was a nice surprise!
- Do more hiking, getting good enough to do at least one 15km hike once (I got a health tracker at a Black Friday sale last year so that should help keeping track of how much I've walked) LOL nope. We had a bad summer, very changeable weather with a lot of rain, so it wasn't at all hiking weather. Boo.
- Read at least 60 books (my Goodreads challenge) By the skin of my teeth (finished the 60th book last night) but I did it!
- Practice the tin whistle more Well, more than "once every three months" is still more, right? :p
- Learn how to play harp Never got around to doing this. Instead, I decided to learn to play ukelele!
- Learn how to juggle Nope. OK, it didn't help that I only remembered this in like, November, and then only did a few halfhearted attempts. :p
- Visit Paris and Chartres in the spring, Naples in the fall. Also maybe London to see Hamilton??? I did go to Paris and Chartres! It was mostly fun - Chartres is beautiful, but the weather was way too hot in Paris. I don't really like Paris anyway, but it's even less fun at 30+ degrees. Ironically, I went BACK in late September, this time combining it with a visit to Reims for the other famous French cathedral. I liked Paris a little better this time around, but I'm not in a hurry to go back. I never got aroun to going to Naples - I had some financial setbacks and it was just too expensive. Hamilton didn't open until December  21 so that was a no-go for 2017 to start with, but I'm probaby going to see it in 2018! Also Naples is back on the 'maybe' list; it's a toss-up between Naples and the Amalfi coast, or going back to Florence for an Italian language course, combined with trips to Venice and Sienna.

Knitting & sewing
- Sew at least three skirts
- Sew a corset
- Knit a pair of socks
- Finish my 2016 weather scarf
- Knit a fisherman's sweater
- Knit a pair of gloves
- Finish at least two works in progress that have been on the needles for ages now
Yeah this was mostly a bust. I find I don't have enough time and energy (mostly energy) left over for creative pursuits anymore, and it sucks. :( I need to work on that. I was going to do a corset workshop but it was cancelled due to lack of participants. I did sew three skirts, although they were really simple a-line affairs, and I at least made a design for my fisherman's sweater/gansey so that's something. Oh, and I crocheted... a square. :p

Drawing and other papery art
- Do more urban sketching, while on holiday for example
- Practice calligraphy more
- Practice the trois crayons technique more
- Set myself a drawing challenge and actually stick to it for once...
Like the knitting and sewing above, I put too little time into this. I did do some drawing in Paris, Chartres and Reims - I even got photographed by some tourists while I was painting the Reims cathedral! That was fun. But I need to allot more time in my schedule to do stuff like this.

Bit disappointing, but eh, I did enough other fun stuff. :) My list for next year is coming tomorrow!
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