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Land of the Mad Lupin Lovers

Ramblings from a geek

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2019 resolutions!
New year, new chances! Nearly typed 'changes' there - who knows, maybe I WILL change.
Anyway, here goes.

General stuff
- Get a new job, or at least make my current job more fitting for me and my interests.
- Finally set up a blog? Admittedly I have been keeping a diary for the past three months, which is a record for me, so maybe I can translate that into blogging, too...
- Read at least 25 books (setting my goal a little lower this year so as not to stress myself out again)
- Read an Italian and a French book
- Be able to read and write Japanese Hiragana; work through a Japanese workbook
- Take another sign language course and have a conversation in Sign
- Start a book club
- Do more hiking, at least 15 kilometers
- Try out yoga to see if it's any good for my health
- Visit Krakaw, Poland, with my brother in spring; go to the US and visit Amy in the summer (yay!). Maybe go on another trip in the fall for my parents' 40th wedding anniversary?

- Finish my Celestarium shawl
- Knit a new hat
- The Celtic Myths shawl
- A fisherman sweater/gansey
- The 17th century stockings
- New gloves
- Sew a skirt and two dresses

Other hobby stuff
- More sketching/drawing. Attend the monthly urban sketching meetings and maybe even the Urban Sketching symposium in Amsterdam.
- Take ukulele lessons
- Learn to juggle (hope springs eternal, lol)
- Practice photography; make photobooks of my past vacations

364 days left to do it. Aaaaaand... go!